Ray-Legend Petula-Canton1 Petula-Canton EH-after show Wayne - Backstage after show1 IMG_8094a Jeff Fox1 IMG_8092a Ray-Jimmy Webb2 Cindi-Jimmy Webb1 ray with peter noone ray with chubby checker ray with dick-7-30-17 Ray and DD 14051802_10154234406395546_7102713313545881723_n Ray and Mark Lindsay ray-furay Ray_and_Elayne3 Cindi_and_Elayne_Boosler2 Cindi with Ted Neeley Cindi and Jimmy Walker Ray-Kevin Sorbo-ComicCon Denis Defano -The Buckinghams ray with crash coffin and johnny fay ray with drifters Ray with Rich Spina and David Porter Ray with Robert Conrad Ray and Norm N Nite 300_1133 300_8047 Bibb010516_171 Ray with Tim Misny Ray and Rich at Stampers Ray with Rich and Joe at Aces Ray with Mike and Janis O Ray and Mike Polk Ray with The Rat Pack at Aces Cavs Winterfest1 ray-matt Meganne Stepka and Ray Carr IMAG0550a_med 300_8046 friends 1 300_8016 300_8017 300_8018 300_8021 300_8027 300_8031 300_8033 300_8034 300_8036 300_8037 300_8039 300_8062 300_8050 300_1140a1 300_1094 300_1096 300_10981452983847 300_1132 300_1100 300_11341452986777 300_1135 300_1138 Bibb-TITLE-010516_171 Bibb010516_048 Bibb010516_119 Bibb010516_144 Bibb010516_172 Bibb010516_174 Bibb010516_181 Bibb010516_182 300_0227a1457110230 300_0230 300_0229 Cindi-Monica-Deke-Ray Love Affair Into At Tangier-4-16-16 IMG_3498 IMG_3501 ARF  Animal Rescue Fund with Ray Carr 10 13 13 027 ARF  Animal Rescue Fund with Ray Carr 10 13 13 029 ARF  Animal Rescue Fund with Ray Carr 10 13 13 038 mmd2014 MMD-Ray BVBCLE-2015 BB20142 Alzheimers-Check White Cane 2017 DSC_9678.jpeg SFA Tim-Jam Clevelandathletic1_tn Clevelandathletic5 hudsonopoly_med TheMarinos (636 of 648) TheMarinos (635 of 648) Ray at wedding Ray and Little John and Dunham Tavern wedding Ray at wedding1 Ray with Dan 7-30-17 party wedding Ray-Theo HOB1 Landerhaven Ray-White-House RayCarr042 Ray-Lakewood High School RayCarr038 RayCarr043 _12_0163 _24_0150 __6_0157 __2_0002 __3_0003 live_1 ray-p-booth2 WCSB Costume Contest-2011 Ray-1988 300_0544 300_0549 300_0553 300_0556 300_0555 300_0981 300_0984 300_0995 FM3 cheese gang HOB3 Ray-Sonics3 IMG_4924 Ray with Julie Matthews-IMG_4908 Ray with Lisa Sommer - IMG_4916 Ray with Debbie Lewin-IMG_4921 Ray and Laurie Angie-IMG_4931 IMG_5738 FullSizeRender IMG_5746 Ray-Speed-Real Mac 5 18194612_10154971149460546_269620425580115771_n 18194958_10154971149110546_5778034986883172591_n 18119048_10154971149415546_3524843974582934073_n IMG_7331 IMG_7333 IMG_7337 IMG_7340 IMG_7354 IMG_0011 IMG_0015 shof banquet mugged

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