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Featuring Mike Cunningham at the news desk


Mike Cunningham


The Ray Carr Show is very saddened to announce that Mike
Cunningham, our Newscaster, passed away in his sleep on Sunday, May 8, 2022. We know he's reporting the news and weatherdog forecast,
and playing his bass upstairs now. Mike, we will miss you. Thanks for everything.

Featuring Rockin' Ed Pauli's Top Shelf Moldy Oldies


Rackin' Ed Pauli


Featuring Cindi and Dr. Ed!


Actress - Singer - Entertainer
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Ed Lemmers
Engineer - Computer Magician -
Bass Player

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Special Guest A.K. (Allan) Patch
Patches of History




Special Guest Jay Izso
The Internet Doctor




Special Guest Pete Nelson
Financial Expert - Dollar Bank


Pete Nelson


Special Guest Michael Heaton
Features Reporter/Author -
Truth and Justice For Fun
And Profit: Collected Reporting
Minister of Culture Column -
The Plain Dealer -
Owner and Unboss - Indienation.FM




Special Guest Dan Coughlin
Cleveland Sportswriter/Author


Dan Coughlin


Special Guest David Fine
Director of Media Relations/Broadcasting
Tri-City Storm Hockey


David Fine




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